Christmas = Dog Manners

Christmas time offers a plethora of opportunities for you and your dog/s to practice good dog manners. It’s also a chance for you and your dog/s to show off to your family and friends and to impress them with all you and your dog/s have achieved throughout the year.

Every time visitors come to your house your dog/s can greet them by having all four paws on the ground or patiently sitting until it’s his or her turn to be greeted.

All the extra tempting food that’s around is a chance to practice asking your dog to leave it. You could even emphasize no begging.

Reinforce your dog/s going to their mat or bed or crate and staying in it when they are inside. That way they can take part in the festivities without causing havoc.

Door etiquette is important too. Polite dogs don’t rush or barge through; they wait to be invited in or out.

When you meet friends at a dog friendly cafe your dog/s will be welcome back any time if they lie down and remain settled. Actually it’s a legal requirement as well as not feeding them whilst you are at the cafe.

If you get a new puppy get its vaccinations done as soon as possible so he or she can get out and about being socialised to lots and lots of different people and friendly dogs. That way your puppy learns the big wide world is an adventurous place and not something to be afraid of. Puppy classes are also an excellent idea.

Please have fun with not only your human family and friends at Christmas but with your dog/s too. Teach him/her a new trick. Go for extra walks to new places or play dates with new dog friends. And your dog/s would love it if you spent time playing with them with the new toys they got from Santa.

Remember a dog that’s well exercised and mentally stimulated is generally a better behaved dog.